Friday, 3 February 2012

In need of a day out....

Well, apparently there is a LOT of snow on the way. It doesn't usually touch Liverpool unless it is heading in from the west but the forecast is for a fairly widespread UK 'covering' during the weekend.

In need of a change of scenery, and despite the extremely cold weather (-3 locally), we decided to try and get out and about before we are snowed-in and went on our first trip out this year (not been anywhere really since Anglesey at Christmas). With bright and clear blue skies we headed northwards and ended up in Clitheroe, Lancashire. It’s a lovely little town full of interesting shops but having Syd the border terrier with us meant that is was best to head towards the castle that overlooks the surrounding countryside. Clitheroe Castle Museum

Built in approx 1186 it did at one time have moats or ditches but these have since been filled in (with houses and roads by the looks of it!!!). It is thought that the name 'Clitheroe' came from the Anglo-Saxon for ‘Rocky Hill’

You can walk around the castle and surrounding area without going in (again, a dog issue for us) whilst enjoying the fantastic views of the local area. It was EXTREMELY cold up by the castle so hats, gloves and scarves were definitely a good idea! You can see for miles from up there, all the way over to Pendle and Barnoldswick on one side and towards the Forest of Bowland on the other - fabulous on such a clear day and plenty of photographic opportunites too.

Also, for those interested in 'Yarn Bombing' (please see the following link) I have just discovered that it has been suggested Clitheroe Castle "could be ‘knitted out’ in woolly gear as part of a new global craze that is about to hit East Lancashire".

Now THAT would be interesting....but it would take an awful lot of wool!!! :)


  1. What lovely architectural photos! Glad you got out and about before the snow - none in Oxfordshire yet but it's supposed to be arriving later today - we'll see!

  2. Thank you Elizabeth, we had a lovely day and the light was just right for taking pics. The snow has not materialised though - rain instead - but it is so weird because as soon as it lands it freezes! There are icicles hanging from everything!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful in this post. I keep planning to go to Clitheroe but never quite make it. It is only a short trip from us too. You have motivated me to get there next time!

  4. Thanks Lisa! It's nice to know the pics have had a positive effect. I'd always had mixed feeling about Clitheroe after a camping trip there in the 70s, when Dad booked us into a site that was next to the cement works!!! Anyway, a friend in work recently told me that it was really a nice little town, and I didn't believe her......but she was right! :)


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