Sunday, 5 February 2012

New additions for Etsy

With the weather being so horrible, this weekend seemed like a good time to catch up with making some more jewellery to put on my Etsy site. I have been using a mixture of my 'vintage' items, plus a few new bits and bobs (including some rather fab little teapots) to make earrings and necklaces that I hope might provide me with a chance of some sales.

I love the whole process really - choosing the items and the putting them together is so therapeutic and relaxing! I have been looking online to try and become more aware of what is currently 'on-trend' as well searching for what might be in the pipeline for next season (ha ha!......soooo not me, but this really needs to be done in order to create and provide what fashion says is going to be the next big thing!).

Photographing the finished items is great fun too, especially if there is plenty of natural daylight. At this time of year it is something that can only be done at weekends because, by the time I get home of an evening during the week, it is much too dark - roll on the spring!!!

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