Saturday, 28 January 2012


Welcome to the first item in my new blog!

This is a scarf I am (still) making from some lovely yarn bought online from Cornish Wools.

I have crocheted the individual pieces in a spiral pattern but reduced the chains in between so that it forms a cup shape rather than a flat circle. I think (hope) that this gives it more of an organic look, a bit like up-turned limpet shells. When I have made enough of them I intend to crochet all the pieces together randomly to continue the theme.

The amount of 'shells', so far, is what I have managed with one skein and it is excellent to work with.

Several month have gone by since I first published details of my creation on the Cornish Wools Facebook page but the article was then kindly mentioned in the Cornish Wools Blog!

Also, see their whole blog, and site, from the link in 'My Favourite Blogs'.

I hope to finish this scarf soon and will upload pics of the final item for you to see! :)


  1. What a beautiful project! I love the spiralling shells and look forward to seeing how you join them together to make the scarf. The yarn you are using looks absolutely delicious. Is it as soft as it looks? I suspect it may be a silk / wool mix - am I right?

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Elizabeth - I will finish this scarf one day! The yarn is amazing and I would love to buy some more in a different shade. You are half right, it 50/50 wool and acrylic, very soft to the touch and so many lovely colours.

    Updated pics will be posted when the scarf is complete!! :) x


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