Sunday, 29 January 2012

A return to jewellery-making!

Beads......I have been collecting them for years it seems. In fact, it is so long that I can now refer to some of them as vintage because they go back to the mid 1980s and earlier!

As a student I used to make jewellery for myself because it was more affordable and I could have something no-one else had, something different (a must for any art student!!!). The creations continued when I started work but instead I was making earrings for friends, and their friends, and as gifts.

Jewellery-wise everything went quiet in the 90/00s (marriage, mortgage, life etc) and then, in 2010, I started to look back through my 'stash' and it was like a trip down memory lane. Some items you really wouldn't go back to (eg, the fluorescent era!!) but most of the glass beads and findings etc have remained timeless and just need to be combined
in a more up-to-date way!

So, after a very long break I started making items again, and last November I joined Etsy! My pics show some of the earrings I have uploaded for sale and, to my amazement,  I have sold a pair already!

<a href="">HyperSmash</a>


  1. Hi Bev! It's Jen, Barbara's daughter! Like the blog - hope it increases Etsy sales! Good luck! x

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks!
      This is all very new to me but I am slowly finding my way with linking everything and writing articles etc.

      Hope you find it interesting!
      B xx


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