Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Photography challenge - 3KCBWDAY2

Lionel Bear and The Great Porridge Theft!

Lionel loves his porridge. It is the highlight of his day.

He has a problem though. The porridge is always really hot when it's made, but if he leaves it to cool there is never anything left when he comes back and he can never work out why! This makes Lionel very cross and grumpy. Sometimes he even cries, so today he is guarding his ingredients very carefully!

With everything in the pan, Lionel stirs it very slowly making sure that it doesn't burn and, more importantly, doesn't disappear.

Sometimes he is a little too over-enthusiastic and actually tries to climb into the pan!!!!

When the porridge is ready he pours it into a bowl and sits waiting for it to cool whilst remaining resolutely on guard.

Then Lionel is joined by his friend Syd.

'Ooh!' says Syd, licking his lips, 'did I just hear the doorbell?'
'I'm not sure', says Lionel. 'I'll just go and see.'....and off he goes out of the room........

....leaving the porridge dangerously unguarded, and at the mercy of.....

.........(Dah-dah-DAH!!!)........The Great Porridge Thief!

When Lionel returns (and there was no-one at the door!!)......

......he discovers that once again, his porridge has ALL GONE!!!

Oh no!!! What a disaster! No porridge! Lionel is distraught!...

......but then he remembers that he can always make some more.....

......and remains blissfully unaware of the identity of The Great Porridge Thief!!!


  1. I so love this! Lionel is SO sweet and your pics tell the story so beautifully. Tell Lionel from me to keep an eye on that there dog! Glad he's not deterred from cooking though - he clearly enjoys it! E x

  2. Great story, you should definitely make this into a children's book with the photos and everything. Also, I love the scarf that Lionel is rocking, it suits him perfectly!

  3. Cute story and cute knit bear. Love the scarf!

  4. How adorable! I love the photo with Syd staring at the porridge

  5. Cute story! And Lionel is adorable. I like his scarf.


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