Sunday, 12 January 2014

Patchwork cushion cover - June 2012 ('Catch-up' 1)

For a 'special' birthday in 2012, I got my very own sewing machine. Prior to this I had managed to get by with hand stitching or using my Nana's old sewing machine which had spent a long time in Dad's shed and was well overdue for an MOT. My lovely new Janome is such a pleasure to use and I love it to bits.

Inspired by the patchwork cushion covers being made by Lucy (Attic24) and a basket lining by Elizabeth (Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse), I decided that this would also be the ideal first project for my new machine but since I didn't really have anything suitable in the way of stash or offcuts, an interesting search online soon provided something suitably jazzy and eye-catching with which to make my first simple patchwork cushion cover. I treated myself (and the squeaky clean Janome) to some lovely charms packs in the Salt Air pattern/colourway by Cosmo Cricket for Moda........and it was so exciting getting these in the post.

Then came the decision as to what would go where and after various permutations I ended up with this combination, including some pale coffee-coloured polka dot ribbon that I have never previously managed to find a use for!!


Then some careful pinning with nice new pins..........

........and then set to work with my lovely new sewing machine. It was wonderful!

Both sides were quite quickly put together, first in strips and then stitching the strips together to make each larger square. The decorative ribbon was added across the middle of both squares

Unfortunately I don't have any pics of inputting the zip but this turned out to be far easier than fitting one into clothing which is the only previous experience I have. Maybe it was easier to have learned with something more difficult!!

And so, the finished cushion!

To say I was pleased is an understatement really and I couldnt get the smile off my face for days!!!!


  1. Wow! It looks totally gorgeous!
    How exciting for you to have a new sewing machine to play with - the possibilities are endless!!!
    I love the fabrics you chose, the colours and designs are beautiful and they go so well with the ribbon, and it looks perfect on your sofa - you have every right to feel chuffed!
    I wonder what you'll make next!
    Gill xx

    1. I have enough material to do another two covers so that is already on the list of to do's. I made a knitting needle/crochet hook holder too. Definitely need to devise something really interesting to blog about - will have to get my thinking cap on!
      Thanks for your comments Gill,

      B x


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