Sunday, 4 May 2014

A crocheted popcorn stitch 'how to'

My very first blanket is now really starting to take shape and I am continuing to use it to learn how to do a different variety of stitches. After already trying a double-treble a few rows ago, the second 'new' crochet stitch I have learned is the 'popcorn', and if I had known how easy it is to do then it would have been in a lot of my items a loooooooong time ago!!!

There are different sizes and styles you can use depending on the depth of the row you are working. This version is created within a band of treble crochet stitches and here is how I did it.

In the stitch where you want your popcorn to be.........

....... you need to add 5 treble crochets

Then, lengthen the stitch on the hook and take the hook out.

Put the hook back into the work in the space just before your 5 trebles (see circle above), and then also back into the lengthened loop, and tighten.

Pull the yarn through to the front......

.......and then continue along the row by making another treble into the next stitch........

.......and so on along the row.

This row of my blanket is made up of 5 treble crochets followed by a 5-stitch popcorn, repeated to the end of the row.

I am now looking forward to trying the different sizes of popcorn on my various rows, and it just goes to show that you should never judge the difficulty of a stitch purely by it's appearance :)


  1. You are so right Bev, about not judging the difficulty of a stitch by its appearance! When I first started crocheting I just stuck to the simple basic stitches and then one day thought I'd try a few more difficult looking ones, and they were fine! So now I have no fear!
    Your blanket is looking lovely!
    Gill xx

    1. Thanks Gill! It is definitely a good way to get to know something different by using the creation of a blanket as a test. I am enjoying working out what I am going to do next :)
      B x


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