Monday, 10 March 2014

Continuing with acrylic dye.....and using the first batch!

Well, this is how the new batch of dyed acrylic yarn started out. I have used a cream colour previously but thought that maybe some with a white base would be a good choice for the giveaway recipients. This yarn was also a lot softer to start with.

Wound into skeins (on my clothes airer!), they are dampened throughout with warm water and the excess squeezed out.

Acrylic paint, thinned to the consistency of single cream, is added wherever you wish the colour to primarily be.....

.....and then 'massaged' evenly into the yarn

This is with a slightly different colour way

Since I didn't want to colours to run into each other as much with this batch, I have dried it flat, outdoors in the sunshine this weekend, and just kept turning the yarn as the exposed areas dried

I have also started to use the first yarn that was dyed, and it is turning out really well with an interesting random pattern. The colours end up a lot paler than they start out, but this is fine for me right now until I become more proficient at the whole process.

The texture is slightly robust but, again, I think that this is also something to do with how soft the yarn is to start with and I will know more about this after this latest batch is ready.

This was the second skein that was dyed - the colours were really strong to start with. They have mellowed out somewhat to these muted earthy sage and rust shades.

When wound into a ball the colours split nicely into random areas and, since this was the way I did the first blue/green colour way, it will go well with the first batch.

I am enjoying the creativity of this process so much. You never know, I may even get into dyeing the REAL stuff!!! :)

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