Thursday, 31 May 2012

The beautiful coast of south west Scotland

Last week we spent a couple of relaxing days on the south west coast of Scotland at the Woodland Bay Hotel just outside Girvan in South Ayrshire. After several weeks of very miserable weather here in the UK, the sun finally decided to put in an appearance and certainly managed to time it right - arriving in the mist, we couldn't have asked for more with the warm temperatures around 28C and lots of beautiful blue sky.

Apologies for the (excessive) amount of sunset pics but both evenings were beautiful - you will have to indulge me just this once! It was so nice just to sit on the shoreline at 10pm and gaze at the wonderful changing glow on the horizon.

I will let the pictures show you how chilled-out it was..........

The quayside in Girvan
Looking back towards the town, sea mist coming in
Navigation lights in the harbour
E on the beach with Syd. Ailsa Craig on the left, navigation lights on right.
Syd decided to go for a dip!
Someone making sure we left the car park via the correct exit!
Fishing nets drying on the quayside
Lots of reflections and calm waters
Ailsa Craig, with Arran in the distance, viewed from the beach at Woodland Bay

Syd goes walkabout. Woodland Bay hotel in background.
So calm..........
..........and tranquil
The sun's rays catching the remains of the tide

Our window overlooked the bay and the Isle of Arran.....bliss!

Fishing floats made from discs of tyre
'Rambler' - in for repairs
Ok, it's a bike stand but I liked the fact that it needed no words.
All sorts of different seaweed in beautiful clear water
Croy Bay, next to Culzean Castle

Culzean Castle through the mist
Croy Bay (Ailsa Craig in the distance)

Sunset on the second evening
Ailsa Craig with it's own mist
An oystercatcher looks for his supper

By this time (9.30pm-ish) the sea was like a mill pond

More like 'tropical' than 'Scotland'!
We were watching the sun from behind the rocks when a seal appeared!
Then a nosey oystercatcher!
So hard to believe how wet the weather has been recently


Yep, all in all a wonderfully relaxing couple of days in south west Scotland.


  1. Such a fantastic trip! I'm thoroughly jealous!

  2. These are incredible pics Bev! Absolutely beautiful. And so atmospheric. You must have been reliving these few days over the last rain-sodden week! I don't know south west Scotland all that well but you have made it climb into my list of "must visit" places! For some reason this post didn't come up in my normal blog reader when you posted it so missed it at the time but catching up on my blog reading today I found it and it's cheered what has been a rather bad day workwise enormously - thank you! E x
    PS you really ought to get your photos made into cards you know.

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