Thursday, 1 March 2012

Syd's warm jumper

This is Syd - he's a Border Terrier and nearly 12 years old.

Such a fab little character, he hates cats, other dogs, squirrels, the window cleaner and fireworks with a passion but likes nothing better to sit in the sun and follow it as it moves around the room.

Fave vegetable - Broccoli or carrot
Fave drink - tea
Fave pastimes
- looking out of the window
- walkies
- kipping
- throwing and chasing a ball
- barking at squirrels
- stealing socks and then running around with them at 100mph
Fave places
- the beach
- the bed

Anyway, now he is getting a bit older he definitely feels the cold more when he has to have his coat stripped and although it won't be long until the warmer weather, (hopefully), I thought it was about time I crocheted him a nice warm coat or jumper.

Although there are all sorts of patterns available, I am aiming to try and create one myself but this meant that we needed to have a measuring session and I wasn't too sure how keen he would be to co-operate whilst I went around him with a tape measure!

I needn't have worried, he was more than obliging, especially as he was sitting in the sun at the time! In fact, he positively enjoyed the extra attention even though he did have a look on his face that said "what on earth are you doing???"

I measured his neck first.

Then around his ribs..............and down his chest.

I measured down to the top of, and around, his shoulders......

........and along the length his back.

Finally across his shoulder blades........

........and an extra measure down his chest.

These details should help me make a paper pattern which I can then use to get the right number of stitches per area and correct positioning of the armholes too! The finished item will be like a coat but stitched up the front instead - a jumper really. Let's hope that Syd will be as accommodating when I need him to model the finished article?!


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Hope you've told Syd he will be expected to model his designer knitwear!

    1. I have drawn up and cut out the paper pattern so now I just need the courage to start it! Syd has said he will waive his modelling fee for the prototype!!! :)


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